October 24, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 5:55 p.m. by President Terry Lee

Attendees: Terry Lee, President; Ron Hampton, Vice President; Christine Lee, Secretary-Treasurer arrived at 6:20 p.m.; Lynn Clay, Jeanann Freier, Bud Bowman, and Chester Rybicki board of directors. Also present were our student ambassadors Madison Berger and Bella Weiss; lifetime members Irene Doty, Deborah Deaton, George Ficker, Alan Vandever, and George Tachtiris.

Approval of the September 26, 2018 Minutes = Ron Hampton moved to accept the September 26, 2018 minutes as presented. Chester Rybicki seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the September 26, 2018 minutes as presented. Motion Passed

Approval of the October 2018 Financial Report – The October financial report was presented with a balance of $26,413.41 through October 22, 2018 Chester Rybicki moved to accept the financial report as presented and Bud Bowman seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the October 2018 financial report as presented. Motion Passed

CPHS Art Show Exhibition – George Tachtiris asked if the Alumni would be willing to assist him with an art show to be held at the high school in April or May. George would chair this event. He will move forward with the high school and art department chairman to develop a plan for this event and report back to us.

Black Wednesday Event – Jeanann Freier reported this event will be held on November 21st in Buddy and Pals Cantina Room. Jeanann will hostess this event and order food through Langels and she requested we all bring a dessert. They are trying to reach out to the younger (over 21) alumni.
Terry Lee moved to approve this event and for Jeanann to follow through with the planning. This motion was seconded by Ron Hampton. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to approve the Black Wednesday event as presented by Jeanann Freier. Motion Passed

Hall of Fame Nominations and Inductees – Jeanann led a discussion on the high number of inductees and the length of their speeches at the Hall of Fame banquet. Everyone agreed that Terry and Ron would monitor the length of these speeches more diligently.

Formation of a nomination Committee – Jeanann suggest a special committee be formed to discuss
factors we should consider when nominating to enable a more select group of HOF inductees. There was no action taken on this discussion.

Princess Party – Ron Hampton reported the Lions Club is not interested in forming a partnership to host this event. Therefore, we will cancel any plans to host another princess party this year.

Fundraising Raffle Mailing – Terry stated this is our largest fundraiser and the assembly of the mailing is overwhelming. Everyone agreed to meet at the Lee home on January 4th at 6 p.m. to assemble the mailing for our raffle.

Introduction of Student Ambassador – Ron Hampton introduced Bella Weis. Bella will be serving with Madison Berger as out student ambassador. Bella will be assisting us for two years.

A lifetime member packet went out to Richie Roberts class of 1968.

Ron Hampton moved to adjourn to our November 28, 2018 business meeting. This motion was seconded by Chester Rybicki. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to adjourn the meeting at 8:07 p.m.

Our next meeting is November 28, 2018

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