September 26, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Terry Lee

Attendees: Terry Lee, President; Ron Hampton, Vice President; Christine Lee, Secretary-Treasurer; Lynn Clay, and Chester Rybicki board of directors. Also present was our student ambassador Madison Berger, lifetime members Deborah Deaton and George Ficker.

Approval of the August 29, 2018 Minutes Ron Hampton moved to accept the minutes as presented. Chester Rybicki seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the August 29, 2018 minutes as presented. Motion Passed

Approval of the September 2018 Financial Report – Chris Lee presented the September 2018 financial report with an ending balance through September 26, 2018 of $26,568.15. Chester Rybicki moved to accept the financial report ending on September 26, 2018 as presented and Lynn Clay seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the September 2018 financial report as presented. Motion Passed

Princess Party – Ron Hampton reported he was still negotiating the particulars with the Lakes of Four Seasons Lions Club about a joint venture for a princess party. The Lions Club has hosted very successful princess parties. The particulars for this event were not agreed upon during his meeting. Ron will report back to the with the proposed plan at a later date.

Student Ambassador – Ron Hampton has a sophomore student, Isabella Weis, interested in serving as our next student ambassador. She is interested in serving two years instead of the our current one year term. Maddy Berger agreed to work with her to enable a better transition into the position.

Promotional Products – Terry Lee passed around the table an ink pen sample that he received. The cost of these ink pens are $.59 each. Chester Rybicki moved to purchase 500 pens at $.59 per pen. George Ficker seconded this motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to purchase 500 ink pens as presented. Motion Passed

New lifetime members Jeffrey Georgas, class of 1984 and Barbara (Oliver) Kortokrax from an annual membership to a lifetime membership, class of 1970. Our newest annual member is Mary Cat (Georgas) Flath class of 1980.

Chester Rybicki moved to adjourn to our October 24, 2018 business meeting. This motion was seconded by Ron Hampton. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to adjourn the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Our next meeting is October 24, 2018

Christine Lee, Secretary
Approved on October 24, 2018

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