June 27, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 27, 2018 6:00 pm. Crown Point Civic Center

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Terry Lee

Attendees: Terry Lee, President; Ron Hampton, Vice President; Christine Lee, Secretary-Treasurer; Lynn Clay, Chester Rybicki and Jeanann Freier board of directors.  Also present were our student ambassador Madison Berger and lifetime member Deborah Deaton.

Approval of the May 30, 2018 Minutes Jeanann Freier moved to approve the May 30, 2018 minutes. This motion was seconded by Lynn Clay. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the May 30, 2018 minutes as presented. Motion Passed

Approval of the May 29, 2018 through June 27, 2018 Financial Report – Chris Lee presented the May-June 2018 financial report with an ending balance through June 27, 2018 of $37,013.37. Chester Rybicki moved to accept the May 29, 2018 through June 27, 2018 financial report as presented and Lynn Clay seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the June 2018 financial report as presented. Motion Passed


Strategic Ideas – Jeanann expressed a need to set some strategic planning. She questioned our goals and mission statement and suggested we have a meeting to discuss where our priorities are going in the future.

A strategic planning meeting was set for July 25, 2018 at the Crown Town Grill.

Website – A discussion ensued over checking with the school about the possibility of a student assisting us with our website updates

Awards – Special awards for people in our community and school administration were discussed without any action taken.

Hall of Fame Teachers Picnic – Jeanann offered to host a picnic with our hall of fame teachers, alumni association officers and board of directors at her home.

Correspondence: Lifetime member packets went out to Kathleen Kennedy Scott class of 1970 and Kathy Nerney Oren class of 1981.


Ron Hampton moved to adjourn to our August 29, 2018 business meeting. This motion was seconded by Jeanann Freier.  Everyone present signified by stating “Aye”.

Our next meeting is August 29, 2018

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