June 28, 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 28, 2017 6:30 pm. Crown Point Civic Center

Attendees: Terry Lee, President; Ron Hampton, Vice President; Christine Lee, Secretary; Elaine Raker, Treasurer; Bud Bowman, Lynn Clay, Chester Rybicki, and Jeanann Freier Board of Directors; student ambassador Arriana Rainwater and Megan Drenth. Lifetime members Wayne Raker and Deborah Deaton

Excused: Kathy Stanley

 Approval of the May 31, 2017 Minutes Chester Rybicki moved to approve the May 2017 minutes as presented. This motion was seconded by Bud Bowman.  Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept the minutes as presented. Motion Passed

Approval of the May 2017 Financial Report Elaine Raker presented the May 2017 financial report with an ending balance of $30,595.62 in all accounts. Chester Rybicki moved to accept the May 2017 financial report as presented. Lynn Clay seconded the motion. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to accept May financial report as presented. Motion Passed

Fourth of July Cook Out – Wayne and Elaine passed around an invitation to all to attend this event that they host at their home each year. This invitation is posted on our website and facebook page.

Student Ambassador – Our outgoing Ambassador introduced us to Megan Drenth. Megan is happy to accept the position.

Arriana explained the duties of this position with a little help from the Officers and Board members.

Chester Rybicki moved to appoint Megan Drenth as our 2017-2018 Student Ambassador. This motion was seconded by Wayne Raker. Everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to pass this motion as presented. Motion Passed

Super Hero and Princess Event – Ron Hampton reported that after much thought we will be keeping this event a Princess only event. The hall is reserved for November 4th. Elaine will once again print the autograph books.

Hall of Fame Banquet – We discussed the noise of the dishes being removed during our presentations at the banquet. We will include an intermission before the presentations to allow the waiters time to remove the plates.


Terry sent new lifetime member packets to Mary (Mel) Carroll Huey class of 1975 #155, Judy Bare Frigo class of 1965 #156, Doris Rose Dunn class of 1937 #157, and Diane Hartwick Beard Noble faculty 1992-2009 # 158.

We received thank you notes from some of our scholarship awardees: Arriana Rainwater, Leah Huffine, Autumn Taylor Chandos, and Gabriela Risteski.

Adjournment Ron Hampton moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:50 p.m. Chester Rybicki seconded this motion and everyone present signified by stating “Aye” to adjourning to our August 30, 2017 meeting @ 6:30 p.m. at the Crown Point Civic Center.

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